Building Futures, Creating Opportunities


“Restoring Order to Chaos”

Your Path to Success

At Millennium, we’re dedicated to providing you with a fresh start because we believe in second chances – for individuals and for the materials we recycle. Our Second Chance Employment Program goes beyond offering job opportunities; it’s an opportunity to rebuild your life.

Why Choose Millennium:

  • A Place for You: Join a team that appreciates your hard work and provides a supportive environment.
  • Opportunities to Grow: Whether you’re starting fresh or learning new skills, we’re here to help you succeed.
  • Personal Support Program: Get one-on-one help for work and life to guide you on the right path.
  • Rewards for Doing Well: We acknowledge your effort with bonuses, including paid time off.
  • Our Team is Here for You: Our leadership genuinely cares about you and are always ready to help.

Benefits That Matter:

  1. Health Coverage: Get 100% premium paid health, dental, and vision plans for you and your family.
  2. Time Off When You Need It: Take paid time off to relax and recharge.
  3. Free Meals: Enjoy free meals four days a week to save money and eat well.
  4. Secure Your Future: Plan for the long term with our retirement savings and extra money from the company.
  5. Personal Help When You Need It: Get free one-on-one support for your life and job skills to help you succeed.

Explore Our Process:

Curious about what happens behind the scenes at Millennium? Check out our tour video to get a sneak peek into our operations and understand what the job is like.

At Millennium, we’re here for your success, no matter where you’re starting from!