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We are a regional single stream materials recovery facility accepting materials from all over the Upper Midwest.

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Online Shopping: How to recycle the packaging?

  Typical online shopping produces multiple layers of packaging and shopping waste, leaving you with a lot to clean up. Here’s what you can recycle in your recycling bin: Cardboard – YES All cardboard from shipping and product packaging can be recycled. Just make sure it’s empty of other materials (no foam or plastic). This […]

Holiday Food Waste

When food gets in the recycling bin, it’s bad for the process and bad for other recyclable material it can contaminate. Prevent food from getting in the waste stream: Empty & Clean Rule – Follow the “empty and clean” rule when recycling. It doesn’t have to be spotless, but use your best judgement. Dump any […]

Stringy Stuff- Keep it Out!

If it’s “stringy”… keep it out of your bin. Tanglers get caught in our equipment and force us to shut down to get them out – wasting time and damaging our equipment. So what classifies as “stringy” and what should you do with it instead? Examples to KEEP OUT OF RECYCLING BIN: Garden Hoses (Donate for […]

Gift Wrap Guide

Learn if your Christmas wrapping paper is naughty or nice on the recycling list.

Sioux Falls Holiday Waste Guide

Do you know what you can put in your recycling bin this Christmas? Learn if your holiday waste is naughty or nice on our Holiday Recycling and Waste Guide Happy Recycling!

Where does your recycling go? (Edgerton Enterprise)

Article taken with permission from The Edgerton Enterprise, Volume 138, Number 42 – November 18, 2020 Where does your recycling go? By Jill Fennema, Edgerton Enterprise  All the recycling that Van Dyke Sanitation picks up in Pipestone County goes to Millennium Recycling in Sioux Falls. Shannon (Blom) Dwire is the president of Millennium Recycling. She […]