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We are a single stream recycling facility based in Sioux Falls, South Dakota accepting materials from all over the Upper Midwest.

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The 1 thing you should DEFINITELY be recycling: Metal

Closer Look: Metal Can Recycling Metal containers like aluminum beverage cans or tin food containers should be looked at as natural resources. Overall, the US does a good job at recycling metal, but there is room to improve. In 2017, the total recycling rate of aluminum containers and packaging, was 33%, with the most recycled […]

Update on Plastic Film & Bags

It’s been one year since plastic film was banned from the single stream. In January, 12.4% of single stream loads contained over 5% of bags and 6 local haulers had zero penalties. As of June, loads containing over 5% of bags have dropped to 7.3% and the number of haulers with no penalties is now […]

Food Containers: How Clean is Clean?

How clean do food, drink and cleaning containers really need to be? Small amounts of food don’t interfere with the process, but your effort of scraping out as much food residue as possible can make a big difference to prevent issues! How to “clean” your containers: Dump liquids out (the drier the better). Scrape all […]

Sioux Falls Metal Recycling Guide

Scrap metal does not belong in your recycling bin.  The only metal accepted in the Sioux Falls recycling bin is empty metal cans, tins and clean aluminium foil. That’s it.  Everything else can damage the recycling equipment which is specifically designed to sort the “yes” materials. Items that aren’t recognized by the system can cause […]

No Fireworks or Firecrackers in Your Bin!

Fireworks DO NOT belong in your Sioux Falls recycling bin. It’s important to dispose of fireworks in the safest way possible to prevent harm to yourself and others after you’ve disposed of them. How To Dispose Of Fireworks and Firecrackers (NOT in  your recycling bin): Make sure all fireworks are completely extinguished and no longer […]

Keeping Recycling Running

At Millennium, we use automated equipment to sort out single stream recyclables including Paper, Cardboard, Plastic Bottles, Tubs, and Jugs, and Metal Cans – Anything else must removed by hand. When things come in that can’t be automatically sorted, removing them by hand takes a lot of work. Throughout the process, our “quality control” team pulls out anything […]