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We are a single stream recycling facility based in Sioux Falls, South Dakota accepting materials from all over the Upper Midwest.

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Keeping Recycling Running

At Millennium, we use automated equipment to sort out single stream recyclables including Paper, Cardboard, Plastic Bottles, Tubs, and Jugs, and Metal Cans – Anything else must removed by hand. When things come in that can’t be automatically sorted, removing them by hand takes a lot of work. Throughout the process, our “quality control” team pulls out anything […]

No Batteries in the Bin

Please keep batteries OUT of the recycling bin. Why? When crushed or punctured, batteries cause fires in transit, at the recycling center or at the landfill. Fires from batteries, particularly Lithium batteries, are happening almost daily at Material Recovery Facilities. Batteries also contain reusable material including zinc, manganese, and steel that can be put back […]

Stringy Stuff- Keep it Out!

If it’s stringy…no matter what it is, keep it out of your bin. Stringy things get caught in our equipment and force us to shut down the entire line to get them out – wasting time and damaging our equipment. So what classifies as “stringy” and what should you do with it instead? Stringy Stuff […]

Recycling in a Pandemic

Waste Haulers and communities across South Dakota are safely continuing their recycling programs through the pandemic. As an essential service, we have continued to keep the community clean, divert material from the landfill, and provide domestic raw materials for products in high-demand. At Millennium, we are proud to support the commitment of communities like Sioux […]

Lawn and Garden Supplies

We’ve talked about what to do with all your lawn and garden waste (leaves, grass, branches, mulch) – Now let’s cover the leftover containers and supplies. Potting Soil Bags – NO – Not recyclable in single stream (usually covered in dirt and no current recycling markets). Planting Pots & Trays– NO – (All types) Not recyclable […]

Happy Earth Day! Watch our Virtual Recycling Tour

For the 50th anniversary of Earth Day (April 22, 2020), we’ve gone digital! This year, we wanted to give kids a chance to learn how the recycling process works in our community without leaving their home. Check out this fun online virtual recycling tour at Millennium in honor of Earth Day.