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We are a single stream recycling facility based in Sioux Falls, South Dakota accepting materials from all over the Upper Midwest.

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Car Parts Don’t Belong In the Bin

We’ve been seeing a lot of car parts (specifically brake rotors) coming in that are causing big issues to our process. Auto metal, fabric, glass or car plastics are NOT recyclable in the bin. These items need to be recycled separately by specialized processors. See end of post for options. Why?  The single stream process is […]

Political and Election Signs Are Not Recyclable

All across the country people are putting up their candidate support signs. PLEASE KEEP THEM OUT OF YOUR RECYCLING BIN! Political signs are usually made from durable materials like corrugated plastic or plastic film with a metal frame. While these materials make signs weatherproof, they also make them less recyclable. Political Signs CANNOT be recycled […]

Bag that Shredded Paper

Whether you’re a resident shredding your private mail or a business shredding boxes of confidential files, it’s hard to avoid shredding paper when you need to make sure your data is secure. Many communities do not accept shredded paper for recycling, but luckily in Sioux Falls, we can take it right in the single stream bin […]

Pizza Boxes Answered!

The age old question…. Can you recycle pizza boxes? Yes…and No… The cardboard that makes up a pizza box by itself is safe to recycle, but often times the gooey cheese and grease from our pizzas make it difficult to recycle. Follow this step by step guide to determine if your pizza box can be recycled: Eat your […]

What Contaminates Your Recyclables?

First, let’s discuss how a single-stream recycling facility works: At Millennium,  waste haulers pick up mixed recyclables from your home or business and bring them to our facility. We use automated equipment to sort out recyclable material and separate it into categories including plastic containers, paper, cardboard, glass and metal cans. Our equipment automatically identifies […]

The 1 thing you should DEFINITELY be recycling: Metal

Closer Look: Metal Can Recycling Metal containers like aluminum beverage cans or tin food containers should be looked at as natural resources. Overall, the US does a good job at recycling metal, but there is room to improve. In 2017, the total recycling rate of aluminum containers and packaging, was 33%, with the most recycled […]