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We are a regional single stream materials recovery facility accepting materials from all over the Upper Midwest.

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Spring Cleaning: The Ultimate Guide

As you're cleaning out your shed, basement or garage, don't just toss it all into the trash or recycling bins: How to properly get rid of almost anything in Sioux Falls: In the Recycling Bin SINGLE STREAM ITEMS ONLY! Recycle single stream items in your recycling bin at home, or drop off for free at Millennium Recycling's [...]

Keep VHS and Cassette Tapes Out Please!

VHS Tapes are NOT recyclable in the Sioux Falls mixed recycling bin. Today, VHS and Cassette tapes sit around in basements and closets, gathering dust, while the old videos and audio stored on them slowly degrade. VHS and cassette tapes are a classic example of a dead technology. Replaced by DVDs, CDs, and digital media, there are too […]

Sioux Falls Metal Recycling Guide

Scrap metal does not belong in your recycling bin.  The only metal accepted in the Sioux Falls recycling bin is empty metal food and beverage containers, cans, tins and clean aluminum foil. That’s it.  Anything else can damage the recycling equipment which is specifically designed to sort the “yes” materials. Items that aren’t recognized by […]