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We are a single stream recycling facility based in Sioux Falls, South Dakota accepting materials from all over the Upper Midwest.

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Guide to Halloween Waste

Halloween usually ends in big, scary piles of waste. Follow these tips for proper disposal in the Sioux Falls area: 1. Candy Wrappers are Not Recyclable: Unfortunately, plastic and foil candy wrappers are NOT recyclable. When purchasing candy to hand out to trick-or-treaters, look for cardboard box options instead and go for bulk to avoid excess packaging. […]

Recycling Facility Tour Video

What happens to your mixed recycling after you toss it in the single stream bin? Check out our virtual tour of the Millennium Facility! Should out to local Sioux Falls videographer AB CINE for producing this tour video for us!

What to do with Yard Waste

Leaves, branches, dirt, pumpkins, garden debris, vegetables, mulch, grass clippings, weeds, twigs, sticks and other yard waste items are NOT allowed in your recycling bin. At Millennium, yard waste contaminates clean recyclables and jams up our system… just imagine smashed veggies, clumps of mud, grass and sticks mucking up the process– it turns into a […]

How to Recycle Paint Cans in Sioux Falls

If you’ve emptied a can of paint, you can recycle the can! Empty Paint Cans As long as its empty (i.e. half an inch or less of remaining paint), metal paint cans and lids that contained latex or oil paint cans can be recycled in your bin. Just let the can dry so that any […]

Car Parts Don’t Belong In the Bin

We’ve been seeing a lot of car parts (specifically brake rotors) coming in that are causing big issues to our process. Auto metal, fabric, glass or car plastics are NOT recyclable in the bin. These items need to be recycled separately by specialized processors. See end of post for options. Why?  The single stream process is […]

Political and Election Signs Are Not Recyclable

All across the country people are putting up their candidate support signs. PLEASE KEEP THEM OUT OF YOUR RECYCLING BIN! Political signs are usually made from durable materials like corrugated plastic or plastic film with a metal frame. While these materials make signs weatherproof, they also make them less recyclable. Political Signs CANNOT be recycled […]