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We are a single stream recycling facility based in Sioux Falls, South Dakota accepting materials from all over the Upper Midwest.

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How Does Sioux Falls Recycling Compare to Other Communities?

  MYTH: Other communities can accept so much more for recycling than we can in Sioux Falls! REALITY: What Sioux Falls accepts for Recycling is comparable to the majority of communities across the country, in fact, we accept more items than many other areas. Recycling rules and what’s accepted in the bin changes from community […]


Millennium is continuing to accept materials at our facility as normal. We are monitoring the COVID-19 situation very closely and implementing appropriate health and safety measures to protect our team members and customers. In the event of any required delays or temporary closures, we will notify you immediately. Together, we will work through this challenging […]

How does Millennium choose what to accept?

Millennium started single stream recycling in 2007, allowing all materials to be placed into one, single, mixed bin. Prior to single stream, items had to be sorted into different categories before they were collected. Over the years, we have added various types of items to the accepted list, like cartons and paper cups, but how […]

Our Response: NY TIMES “Great Recycling Con” Video

This video explains the problem the recycling industry is facing. Key takeaways: Package labeling makes recycling confusing. Companies can get away with stamping recycling symbols on items that can't be recycled: "We need companies to stop hiding behind their green marketing ploys and actually deal with the plastic crisis they created" Plastic is the biggest [...]

A History of Plastic Bag Recycling in South Dakota

State lawmakers have proposed restricting any local city or county in South Dakota from banning the use of plastic bags or straws in their communities. This bill would add South Dakota to the growing list of states with “preemption” laws protecting plastic bags, while only eight states have laws banning them. With recent local news […]

5 Recycling Rules to Live By

When it comes to recycling, there are a few universal rules we should all live by, no matter where you live. Always check your local requirements. The most important rule in recycling is knowing what you can recycle. This means checking with your city or local recycler on what they accept. Why? Not all recycling […]