Easter Recycling Guide

Recycling Rules

The Easter celebration has ended and now we have to clean up the waste… do you know what you can recycle?


Follow this quick and easy Easter Recycling Guide to know what goes in the Sioux Falls recycling bin and what needs to stay out!

EASTER GRASS: This plastic, colorful grass is NOT RECYCLABLE and should be reused or thrown in the trash.

EASTER BASKETS: Baskets are made of many different types of materials, no matter what it’s made from- these are a recycling NO. The single stream system only accepts plastic bottles, tubs and jugs. Not plastic baskets (or any other basket made of a different material).

EASTER PLASTIC EGGS: The added dyes and chemicals, along with the odd shape of these items, make them a recycling NO. Try to reuse them again next year but do NOT try to recycle them in your bin.

REAL EASTER EGGS: We probably don’t have to say this one, but no. No food of any kind is recyclable.

CANDY WRAPPERS: The small size and mixed material makeup of candy wrappers mean they are NOT RECYCLABLE. To learn more about why, click here.


So what CAN you recycle on Easter? You guessed it, the same items as normal year-round: Plastic bottles, tubs and jugs, glass bottles and jars, paper, cardboard, and metal cans. Find more info on the accepted list here.

If you find this disheartening and now have a full trash bin… check out these ideas for a zero waste Easter for next year.

Thanks for recycling right! If you have a question on a specific Easter item, or any other questionable item, shoot us a Facebook message, write on our wall, or contact us on our website!