Valentine’s Day Recycling Guide

Recycling Explained

Valentine’s Day is one of the most wasteful days of the year! We let each other know we love each other with gifts, cards, flowers and candy – Let’s make sure to show some love to the planet and recycle what we can! Check out Millennium’s guide to Valentine’s Day Recycling.

Can You Recycle These?

MAYBE – Valentine’s Day Cards: Paper greeting cards can be recycled right in your single stream bin, but only if it’s paper based. Stay away from foils, music players, metal charms or plastic add-ons. Some envelopes are lined with foil, which make them non-recyclable. If your card contains these types of non-paper add-ons, try removing them before recycling.  To avoid trashing the leftovers, use them to make a fun DIY craft!

NO – Candy Wrappers: Candy wrappers are made up of many different types of mixed materials that make them non-recyclable. There are lots of  DIY projects that could transform your candy wrappers into artwork, check out these fun ideas. 

YES – Candy boxes: Cardboard chocolate and gift boxes can be recycled in your single stream bin, just remove any plastic inserts or additives like mentioned above first- those are not recyclable. Boxes can also be reused at home- they make great organizers for crafts, jewelry or other small items.

NO – Flowers: Flowers and other types of organic waste are not recyclable. You could compost them if you have a backyard compost pile, or they could be cut into small pieces and sprinkled in your garden to feed the soil. You could also re-purpose them and donate your flowers to nursing homes, healthcare or hospice patients.

NO – Plastic Florist Wrapping: The wrap that comes with your flowers is the type of “crinkly” plastic film that can’t be recycled in your bin, and often isn’t accepted at plastic bag drop locations either. You could save and reuse it as wrapping paper, gift bag stuffing or scrap-booking material if you want to avoid the trash. If your flowers are wrapped with tissue paper that doesn’t contain any additives (see wrapping and tissue paper below), that can be recycled right in your single stream bin!

NO – Ribbons & Bows: Not only do these stringy items get caught in our equipment and wreak havoc on the recycling process, but the materials they are made of are usually not recyclable. Usually made up of many different types of mixed materials like velvet and plastics. Keep them around for reuse instead of trashing them.

MAYBE – Wrapping and Tissue Paper: Wrapping paper often has many materials mixed in that makes it a Recycling No. For example: Shiny foils, glitters, lamination, embedded plastic shapes or layers of plastic film all make wrapping paper unrecyclable. When gift wrap is made of JUST paper, it CAN be recycled, just avoid excess tape or glue. Check out our wrapping paper rap for more info.