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Wrapping Paper Rap

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Wrapping paper often has many materials mixed in that makes it a Recycling No. For example: Shiny foils, glitters, lamination, embedded plastic shapes or layers of plastic film all make wrapping paper unrecyclable. When gift wrap is made of JUST paper, it CAN be recycled, just avoid excess tape or glue.


Alternatives to Wrapping Paper:

Recyclable Options:
Easy to recycle and less expensive than fancy stuff. Decorate them with markers or crayons, but no paint, glue or glitter.

  • Brown paper grocery bags
  • Newspapers
  • Large sheets of craft paper

Reusable Options:
Reuse over and over again, but please keep out of the recycling bin.

  • Decorative boxes
  • Towels or fabric
Gift Wrap Rapper

Gift Wrap Rapper

To make this all easy to remember, we’ve come up with this Gift Wrap Recycling Rap (Bonus points if you record yourself and post it to our facebook page!)

Here’s a little rap about that holiday waste,
that makes gifts look good but is often misplaced.
If it has any additives it can’t go in the bin,
throw it in the trash for a recycling win!
Glitter, plastics, foils and bows,
all of these things are recycling No’s!
If you want to be good and avoid this trash,
Use recyclable paper and make your own sash:
Newspaper, cardboard, brown paper bags,
Paper-based wrap and old used mags!


Holiday Wrapping Recycling No’s

  • Gift Wrap with Glitter, Gloss, Plastics, Metallic Coatings, or Foils
  • Bows, Ribbon, Yarn, String (Any stringy item really)
  • Excessive Tape or Glue
  • Tinsel
  • Styrofoam


Thanks for recycling and check out our super cool recycling search tool to find local options for everything you can’t put in the single stream bin.


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