Huron Recycles!

The City of Huron has partnered with Millennium Recycling, Inc. for single stream recycling. For questions on what can be recycled, search the site or send us a message.

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What can you recycle in Huron?


Office paper, brown paper bags, paperback books, newspapers, magazines, flyers and junk mail. Staples and paper clips are okay.

Shredded Paper.  MUST BE BAGGED: Place all inside clear bag or plastic grocery bag and tie shut.

Cereal, tissue, dry food, detergent boxes, milk and juice cartons. Flatten boxes to save space.

Soda, water, juice, cleaning detergent, shampoo, lotion bottles, milk jugs, margarine and yogurt tubs. Please remove lids. 

No clamshell containers like berry or salad containers, No plastic to-go food containers, typically black and clear in color.

Steel, aluminum, tin, soup, tuna, empty aerosol cans and containers. Lids are okay if EMPTY.

 ⊗ Huron does NOT accept glass in the recycling program.

Huron Residents

Did you know, 57% of everyone’s garbage is recyclable? All Huron residents have been issued a blue recycling bin. If you have questions about your bin or do not have one, contact the City of Huron.

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Huron Businesses

If your business or organization is interested in having a 20 minute informational presentation about the recycling program, contact the City of Huron. Help Huron go green. It’s the right thing to do!

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