Public Recycling Drop Off

Millennium’s 24/7 drop-off bin is open to the public, located on the North side of our building in Sioux Falls, at 305 E 50th St. North.

  • Green Recycling Dumpster: Single-Stream items only — NO BAGS.
  • Brown Cardboard Dumpster & Cages: Cardboard only — NO BAGS.

Unsure what can be recycled in the Single-Stream? Check our guide.

Please do not leave electronics or trash at our drop off site. We WILL report you.

Commercial Quantities? For larger commercial quantities, please proceed to the scale area and check in with our office. Our staff will direct you to the designated unloading area on the south side of our building (see map).

Need a Waste Hauler? If you are a resident or business in the Sioux Falls area, we encourage you to work with a licensed waste hauler to conveniently pick up your recyclables instead of dropping them off.