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Download the City of Sioux Falls recycling guide in English, available on the city’s website here.

Millennium also offers the guide in Spanish and Commercial versions, and provides free copies mailed upon request. Order yours now to share with friends, co-workers, and family!

Download the City of Sioux Falls version of the guide.

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Program Information

CITY Program—Sioux Falls

Program Model: Sioux Falls has an open collection system and licenses multiple private haulers to provide waste services for residents and businesses.

How it Works: Residents and businesses set up service directly with a licensed waste hauler. Haulers typically provide collection of trash weekly, mixed recycling twice a month, and seasonal yard waste. Trash and yard waste is taken to the Sioux Falls Regional Sanitary Landfill, which is owned by the City and serves a five-county area (Lake, Lincoln, McCook, Minnehaha, and Turner Counties), and recyclables are often taken to Millennium, the local single-stream facility. Other recycling and diversion options are available as well, if you have other items for disposal, check out BINfluencer, reach out to the City, or ask your hauler for guidance.

Recycling Tracking: The City establishes and tracks a recycling goal each year, with waste haulers required to meet at least 80% of this goal (57.081).  In 2022, the Sioux Falls recycling rate was 18.7%.

CITY Requirements

City Ordinance: According to Sioux Falls City Ordinance Chapter 57: Garbage and Recycling, participation in recycling is mandatory for all Sioux Falls businesses and residents, including apartments.

Recyclables including paper, cardboard, plastic containers, and metal containers are prohibited from being disposed of in the landfill (57.021, 57.050).

Licensed haulers are prohibited from collecting waste containing visible required recyclables for disposal and must leave a note explaining why solid waste was not collected. The City may conduct material inspections at the landfill, and if required recyclables are found, the entire load may be refused and charged the cost of inspection (57.032, 57.050).

To encourage waste reduction, haulers must implement a pay-as-you-throw fee system and establish a rate structure that covers the costs of both solid waste and recycling collection services (57.078).

Set Up Recycling Service

To set up recycling service in the Sioux Falls area, please contact a Sioux Falls licensed waste hauler. You can also bring recyclables directly to Millennium’s public drop off located on the North side of our Sioux Falls facility. More details here.


City of Sioux Falls Public Works Environmental Division

(605) 367-8600
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1017 E Chambers St


Any questions regarding the City’s recycling requirements, contact the City of Sioux Falls.


For questions on what goes in your recycling bin, check out the Sioux Falls recycling guide.

If you have other more specific questions, please contact the City of Sioux Falls, search our blog, or contact our team.

If your question involves collection, please contact your waste hauler.


For questions regarding items that are not recyclable in your mixed recycling bin, check out BINfluencer, contact the City of Sioux Falls or your waste hauler.


To set up service, please contact a Sioux Falls licensed waste hauler.

To report an issue with your current provider, please contact the City of Sioux Falls.


If you want to get more involved, check out the City’s Solid Waste Planning Board. This board is responsible for reviewing the Sioux Falls area waste stream and future recycling efforts. The public is welcome and encouraged to attend Solid Waste Planning Board meetings, and if you’re interested in joining the board, three members must be citizens of the city of Sioux Falls who have no financial interest in the garbage/recycling industry. Learn more here.