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Sioux Falls Celebrates 10 Years of Single Stream Recycling

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Compares Recycling Program to Greenest Cities in America with Infographic

SIOUX FALLS, S.D., April 21, 2017 – This year marks the 10th anniversary of single stream recycling in Sioux Falls. Since the program began in 2007, the weight of material collected annually by the local recovery facility, Millennium Recycling, Inc., has increased by 65%!

The anniversary follows the recent City announcement that Sioux Falls recycles nearly half of its waste, which can be directly linked to the progress of single stream recycling.

“We are always looking for new ways to benefit the community through recycling,” says Millennium CEO, Jake  Anderson, “Since adopting single stream ten years ago, we’ve been able to dramatically improve our operations while keeping Sioux Falls on the map as a leader in this global, ever-changing industry.”

Single stream refers to one, single collection container for all recyclables. No sorting or separation into different bins is required. Homeowners and qualified businesses can simply place all of their recyclable materials loose into one bin for pickup by their waste hauler, whether they are located right in Sioux Falls or in one of the many communities Millennium serves within a 250-mile radius. Materials are then brought to the recovery facility where automated equipment is used to sort recyclables into categories such as cardboard, paper, plastic, aluminum and steel. After sorting, the materials are sent to specialized processors and end users to prepare them for reuse.

According to Anderson, using one bin for all recyclables has made it easier for residents to engage and participate in daily recycling habits as well as simplified the collection process for waste haulers. This has led to an increase in the city’s recycling rate and a significant drop in the amount of waste being buried in the ground as garbage.

Recycling in general improves the environment, supports the economy, increases sustainable manufacturing, and prevents waste from going into the ground or ending up in oceans. While many of us understand the benefits, we often don’t understand what actually goes in the bin.

In honor of Earth Day and to celebrate ten successful years of single stream recycling, Millennium has developed an infographic showcasing the City of Sioux Falls’ recycling program in comparison to other cities in the country known for their environmental stewardship. The image breaks down exactly what items are accepted in the Sioux Falls recycling bin compared to five of the top ten greenest cities in America according to a 2016 WalletHub study.

“Many people don’t realize how sophisticated our recycling system is,” says Anderson, “We’ve made great strides over the years to improve efficiencies and are always looking at ways to innovate and expand our program. When you compare what we are doing with these high profile cities around the country, we are really ahead of the curve.”

Along with the infographic, Millennium is also encouraging the community to participate in the #CleanSiouxFalls litter cleanup contest happening on Earth Day this Saturday. All participants are entered into a drawing for a laptop prize donated by Secure Enterprise Asset Management, Inc. (SEAM). To see the infographic and learn more about the Sioux Falls single stream process, visit www.siouxfallsrecycles.com.


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Founded in 1999, Millennium Recycling, Inc. is a processor and broker of recyclable material and services a large portion of the Upper Midwest. Millennium is based in Sioux Falls, South Dakota and recycles over 100 Million pounds of material per year. To find out more information, visit us at www.millenniumrecycling.com  or call us at 605-336-1744.

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