Millennium’s President Honored as Local Leader: A Shining Example of Dedication!

Millennium Updates

At Millennium Recycling, we’re all about giving things a second chance, and that’s exactly what our amazing President, Shannon Dwire, embodies! We’re thrilled to share that Shannon was recently recognized at the SME Women of Excellence Awards event. This year’s event celebrated 77 incredible women making a positive impact in our community.

Shannon’s career path is a true testament to hard work and perseverance. Over 25 years, she’s climbed the ranks, starting from a temporary position and ultimately becoming the company’s President. In a field often dominated by men, Shannon’s journey is a powerful example of breaking barriers and achieving success.

But Shannon’s influence goes way beyond the walls of Millennium Recycling. She’s a champion for our community, actively supporting initiatives that empower individuals and make a real difference. Just like we transform used materials into valuable resources, Shannon’s innovative programs help people facing challenges find new opportunities and reach their full potential.

Shannon’s dedication is truly inspiring. Whether it’s fostering a collaborative and supportive work environment at Millennium Recycling or going the extra mile to give back, her commitment to excellence and community well-being shines through. She’s a perfect example of the spirit behind the Women of Excellence award, and we’re incredibly fortunate to have her leading the way at Millennium Recycling!