2023 Materials Recovered Report

Millennium Updates

The numbers are in! Millennium shipped out a total of 1,875 semi loads full of recyclables in 2023!

What Impact Did We Make Together?

1. Support Local & Regional Economy:

The impact of recycling reached beyond our MRF, supporting local and regional businesses in producing new products from recycled materials. This not only strengthens our economy but also reduces dependence on foreign imports.

2. Job Creation

These recyclables created various jobs throughout the entire process. From local haulers collecting recyclables and our team sorting and processing at our Material Recovery Facility (MRF), to the semi-truck drivers transporting the goods and the regional businesses producing new products. By recycling, you contributed to good, stable, local and regional employment!

3. Landfill Space Saved:

These recyclables significantly reduced the amount of waste sent to the landfill, which preserved valuable space and helped alleviate the environmental impacts associated with a growing landfill.

4. Resources Recovered:

These valuable resources such as paper, metals, and plastics were recovered! Rather than extracting raw materials, these resources help minimize the need for mining or harvesting new resources, making the most of materials already in circulation.

5. Energy Saved:

These recyclables played a crucial role in energy conservation. The process of recycling requires less energy compared to the extraction and manufacturing of new materials. This not only reduces energy consumption but also lowers associated greenhouse gas emissions.

6. Pollution Reduced:

The recycling of these materials significantly reduced pollution by using recovered materials vs. raw, resulting in cleaner air and water. Additionally, diverting waste from landfills helps prevent potential groundwater pollution linked to landfill failures according to the EPA.