America’s Recycling Crisis… and what YOU can do about it in South Dakota!

Community Recycling News

A recent report by The Recycling Partnership has uncovered a concerning truth—76% of recyclables end up in the trash at the household level in the US. This article not only highlights the urgency for change but also empowers you to take meaningful action.

Key Findings:

  • While the US has a 32% overall recycling rate, residential recycling stands at a mere 21%.
  • Some states, like Montana, Mississippi, North Dakota, and Alabama, have shockingly low residential recycling rates below 10%. South Dakota isn’t far behind at a whopping 10%…
  • Even in recycling-forward California, 37% of potential materials go to landfills annually.

Recycling Challenges:

  • Limited access to recycling services: Only 37% of multifamily homes have access, compared to 85% of single-family homes.
  • Confusing material acceptance standards.
  • Despite access, only 59% of households actively participate in recycling.

What Can We Do??

  1. Check Your Local YES List: Visit Millennium Recycling’s Sioux Falls region YES list to know exactly what you can recycle in our area.
  2. Spread Awareness: Share this guide with your family, friends and neighbors to start recycling all we can and reduce those valuable resources headed to the landfill.
  3. Participate Actively: Ensure your household actively engages in recycling, ask businesses in public if they recycle and if not, request it. They can contact us to help them find a reputable waste hauler who prioritizes recycling!
  4. Advocate for Change: Support producer responsibility laws to boost recycling rates and tell local officials recycling is IMPORTANT! Education and support from City officials is key for success.


Let’s collectively strive for a future where our recycling efforts make a meaningful impact. For a deeper dive into the issue, read the full article here.