Back to the Basics

Recycling Rules

Back to the basics of recycling.

More pressure is needed from consumers to make producers care enough about designing products and packaging with recyclablity in mind, however, until that happens, we need to continue to focus on what works.

Instead of getting caught up in all the flashy products and packaging that can’t be recycled (berry containers, pringles cans, solo cups – we’re looking at you…!), we need to buckle down and focus on what really does work – Cans, Cardboard, Boxboard, Paper, Glass, Plastic Bottles, Tubs & Jugs.

Recycling is CRITICAL to support the American economy, supplying 40% of raw material needs for U.S. manufacturing. Across all categories, recycling saves energy, saving up to 95% for aluminum! Recycling also conserves natural resources, saves dwindling landfill space, creates jobs, supports local small businesses, and increases economic security.

So- What can you do:

  1. Recycle what you can – Always check your local accepted list.
  2. Avoid what you can’t – Be weary of false recycling claims on plastic packaging and products.
  3. And tell your representatives that recycling matters – legislation is key to extend producer responsibility and MAKE them care.