Does Recycling Really Work?

Recycling Rules

Does Recycling Really Work?

When we hear recycling doesn’t work and that nothing is really recycled – it can be disheartening.. But is it true? NO!

Negative talking points have honed in on one type of material: Plastic. 90% of plastics can’t be recycled with a lack of reuse markets and endless irresponsible plastic production.

But the other 10% ABSOLUTELY can be recycled along with metals, glass, paper and cardboard.

It’s easy to get frustrated with the growing waste crisis, but we can’t take our eyes off what IS truly working as we continue to look for other ways to tackle the plastic problem.

Recycling is a CRITICAL resource for supplying and supporting the economy, conserving the environment, and saving energy and water. Across all categories, recycling saves energy vs raw materials, saving up to 95% for aluminum!

Recycling conserves natural resources, saves dwindling landfill space, creates jobs, supports local small businesses, and increases economic security by supporting American Manufacturing.

The need for recycling has become even more evident in recent years, as it fills the domestic gap in the growing demand for essential raw materials- without recycled resources, product prices would climb even higher!

So- What can you do:

  1. Recycle what you can – Always check your local accepted list.
  2. Avoid what you can’t – Be weary of false recycling claims on plastic packaging and products.
  3. And tell your representatives that recycling matters – legislation is key to extend producer responsibility.

This Earth Day, let’s celebrate recycling that works.