The 1 thing you should DEFINITELY be recycling: Metal

Recycling Rules

Closer Look: Metal Can Recycling

Metal containers like aluminum beverage cans or tin food containers should be looked at as natural resources.

Overall, the US does a good job at recycling metal, but there is room to improve. In 2017, the total recycling rate of aluminum containers and packaging, was 33%, with the most recycled category of beer and soft drink cans at about 50%. The recycling rate for steel cans was estimated a bit higher, at about 71%.

Metal recycling is one of the best examples of environmental savings when it comes to recycling. It takes 95% less energy to recycle aluminum and saves up to 74% of the energy used to produce tin and steel cans from raw materials.


Do you Pay for Cans?

No, Millennium does not pay for residential cans. If you are looking for cash-back for your metal cans, check with the various specialized scrap metal recyclers in the area. Millennium specializes in single stream recycling.

Thank you for recycling!