Waste & Recycling Workers “Haul On”

Community Recycling News

Unlike office jobs, waste and recycling services cannot be done remotely. Just like first responders, we have no choice but to “haul on” to keep our community healthy and continue moving raw materials in high-demand amid this pandemic.

When you dodge germs for a living, you get accustomed to wearing gloves, masks and other PPE to protect yourself from a long list of hazards faced every day. With COVID-19 being added to the list, precautions have increased with appropriate distancing in the workplace, but besides that it’s business as usual with constant hand-washing, sanitizer and not touching faces.

With more people focused on cleanliness now more than ever before, you can help your waste hauler and local recycler by following the Yes List and making sure you are only recycling what you can. This prevents our team from touching any materials in the waste stream, and lets our equipment do its job to automatically sort out the items it’s meant for.

Please continue recycling these items LOOSE in your bin so workers don’t have to rip open any bags by hand:

  • Paper (Office paper, newspaper, brown paper bags, envelopes, magazines, flyers, junk mail, brochures, catalogs, paper cups) – NO Paper towels, tissues or wipes!
  • Cardboard & Cartons (Cardboard boxes, paper egg cartons, clean paper take-out containers, coffee cup sleeves, cereal boxes, milk and juice cartons)
  • Plastic Bottles, Tubs And Jugs Only (Soda, water, juice, detergent, shampoo, lotion bottles, milk jugs, margarine and yogurt tubs) – Please triple rinse and air-dry hazardous chemical/cleaning containers!
  • Metal Cans Only (Soup, Tuna, Soda, Beer, Vegetable Cans. Empty Aerosol Cans if empty)
  • Glass Jars And Bottles Only (Jam, pickle, pasta sauce, baby food jars, olive oil, beer, wine, ketchup bottles)

Trash should be securely bagged and placed in the garbage to protect waste haulers from coming in contact with your waste.

Check out more tips on how to Protect Your Hauler:

Thank you to all of our garbage haulers for your hard work and dedication to our community. #HaulOn