How Does Sioux Falls Recycling Compare to Other Communities?

Community Recycling News

MYTH: Other communities can accept so much more for recycling than we can in Sioux Falls!

REALITY: What Sioux Falls accepts for Recycling is comparable to the majority of communities across the country, in fact, we accept more items than many other areas.

Recycling rules and what’s accepted in the bin changes from community to community based on their location in relation to end-users and many other variables. Laws and government intervention also vary from state to state. Some states require certain types of materials to be collected, even if there is no stable market for the material, that is not the case in South Dakota. At Millennium, we only accept what we know our processors can recycle.

With that said, Millennium is still very similar to most communities across the country. Check out our accepted list here.

For comparison, here’s a few examples of other communities near and far:

Accepted categories as of January 2020 according to City web pages.

*Other communities may be incinerating these types of “low-melt” plastics instead of recycling them due to limited market demand and end-processor capabilities.