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Sioux Falls Recycling Company
Celebrates 20 Years in Business this Earth Day

SIOUX FALLS, S.D., April 22, 2019 – Millennium Recycling, Inc. celebrates its 20th anniversary today, on Earth Day. Since 1999, the company has become known as an innovative industry leader, processing over 100 Million pounds of recyclables each year from customers in South Dakota, Nebraska, Minnesota, Iowa and beyond.

Over the past two decades, Millennium has taken risks to help recycling thrive in the Midwest. By making significant investments in technology and equipment, developing unique community outreach programs, and seeking innovative partnerships to expand accepted categories, the company has managed to stay at the forefront of a challenging, dynamic industry.

“Our goal has always been to raise recycling awareness and prevent material from being buried in the landfill,” says Shannon Dwire, Millennium’s President, “Over the years we’ve faced many obstacles, but thanks to our employees, customers and the community, we’ve been able to stay ahead of the curve.”

CEO Jake Anderson has understood the importance of innovation and relationship building since the very beginning. Millennium has set itself apart from other material recovery facilities with its ability to meet or exceed stringent quality standards of recyclables. Because of this, the centrally located company has built strong relationships with end users, mostly in the Midwest, which have allowed it to withstand the ups and downs of the global marketplace.

“The industry is constantly changing and evolving,” says Anderson, “As a small, independent company, it’s important to innovate and continually improve operations to stay relevant.”

Over the past twenty years Millennium has achieved many accomplishments, including:

  • First Single Stream recycler in the state in 2007, resulting in city-wide Single Stream recycling in 2012.
  • First to recycle e-scrap in the state in 2004, subsequently starting a separate company called SEAM, the only R2 and e-Stewards certified electronics recycler in the region.
  • Selected to represent South Dakota businesses with Gov. Dennis Daugaard on China trade mission in 2013.
  • Launched a community event clean-up and recycling nonprofit organization, Ecomaniacs, in 2014, increasing the Sioux Falls event diversion rate from zero to 63% and donating over $75,000 to local nonprofits to date.
  • Established K-12 recycling resources through online education, classroom curriculum and facility tours.
  • Supported local waste hauler customers in meeting city recycling goals, with all Millennium customers meeting or exceeding annual standard.
  • Expanded recycling categories through equipment updates and national partnerships including paper cups, cartons, boxboard, and glass.
  • Created successful employee mentorship program to assist team members in rebuilding their lives due to chemical addiction, incarceration or other hardships.
  • Promoted leadership positions within, including recently named President, Shannon Dwire, who has been with the company since its inception.

To celebrate twenty years of accomplishments, Millennium has released a video for Earth Week reminding the community why recycling is still so important. To watch the video and learn about current challenges and how the company is tackling them, visit


Founded in 1999, Millennium Recycling, Inc. is a processor and broker of recyclable material and services a large portion of the Upper Midwest. Millennium is based in Sioux Falls, South Dakota and recycles over 100 Million pounds of material per year. To find out more information, visit us at  or call us at 605-336-1744.


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