Millennium Recycling Featured in St. Francis House Winter Newsletter!

Millennium Updates

Millennium is honored to be the featured employer in this year’s Winter Newsletter from the St. Francis House in Sioux Falls. To see the full newsletter, click here. For Millennium’s article, see below.

Re-posted from the St. Francis House Winter 2019 Newsletter:

EMPLOYER: ‘We look forward to each challenge and success’

St. Francis House has been an incredible partner to work with. There is a sense of family and true commitment by Julie, the director, and Brad as the workforce developer, they are the binding link between their mission and the workplace. We work towards a common goal of growing people’s potential in our community.

Millennium Recycling has really grown from developing our employment culture around the needs and process of the St. Francis House and people in the community that need a hand up and a chance to have a place to start and grow in the workforce. We offer a place to work for their residents but we have also made a commitment to take additional steps in helping people through their personal challenges.

St. Francis has been fantastic about communicating with us regularly and teaching people responsibility and showing their residents the opportunity to grow as an individual through a commitment to a job. They help us fill a need for staffing within our plant and we hope to help them grow their residents towards their goals as productive members of society. Their encouragement and helping us understand the needs of those who pass through our workplace really has energized us to change how we handle employment. Instead of it just being someone who collects a paycheck to taking extra steps to encourage people to stay at their job, reinforcing their day to day sobriety or whatever other challenges each individual comes to us with.

Each person’s story and background is different and it is amazing to see when someone embraces the kind nod, the ability to tell their story, the ability to be treated equally and respected in a work environment away from their difficult circumstances. They are given tools, support, a push of encouragement from the St. Francis staff to show up each day and build their life. Watching this has taught us that with tools no matter how small – even the slightest recognition can go a long way with someone. Life lessons are being learned by all of us and it has been made more apparent and more important that we all need to work together to hold each other up no matter where we come from in life.

We are proud to be involved and to contribute to the St. Francis House and mission. I am blessed to work with them and so is Millennium Recycling. We look forward to each challenge and success along the way!

– Shannon, Employer