Quality of Commercial Loads

Community Recycling News

Here at Millennium, incoming material quality is the most important factor that we cannot control in our day-to-day operations. When contamination is present in either single steam or cardboard, our processing speed, equipment and the value of the product suffers.

If contamination issues are present in the material that you’re delivering to us, please ask us for help. We would much rather invest our time helping you improve your incoming material before it gets to us than spend our time downgrading, penalizing and picking through your delivered contaminated material.

Customer Communication & Education Tips:

  • Clearly label bins with recycling guide.
  • Encourage internal education: Break room fliers, newsletter highlights, email notices, intranet posts, staff meeting highlights, kick-off events or training led by management.
  • Keep tabs on the program by checking in to ensure the system is working for employees.
  • Promote successes and tout the benefits.
  • Share information such as amount of materials recycled vs. thrown away, money saved