What Goes In The Bin?

Recycling Rules

Single Stream Recycling.

If you don’t know what single stream recycling is, think about your bin at home. This “single” bin is where you put all of your recyclables (no sorting needed). Once that bin gets picked up from your house, it goes to Millennium Recycling where it is sorted by category, baled up and shipped to downstream processors who can process the materials and return them to the marketplace as new products.

As the Sioux Falls Sustainability Coordinator says, “Single-stream recycling makes it easier than ever for citizens to recycle. However, there are guidelines we need the public to follow when recycling to make sure recycling facilities can recover as much material as possible. Some unacceptable items can cause safety and health risks for employees and waste haulers. They can also cause serious damage to the recycling facility equipment.”



Single Stream Recyclables in Sioux Falls


The YES List:

Any items not on this list may have alternative recycling options, but CAN’T go in your single stream bin. Use our Search tool to find other options or just ask us!

  • Plastic Containers – Bottles, Tubs and Jugs Only (Learn about lids)
  • Cans – Steel, Tin & Aluminum
  • Glass – Bottles and Jars Only (*NOTICE* Glass is not accepted by all haulers or cities, check with your service provider for specific glass requirements.)
  • Cardboard & Cartons – Please Flatten Boxes
  • Paper – No Metal or Plastic Bindings
  • Shredded Paper – Must be Bagged Separately and Tied Shut

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  • Scrape out Excess Food
  • Empty All Liquids
  • Bag shredded paper in a clear plastic bag and tie shut before putting it in your recycling bin.
  • All other recyclables should be placed loose (unbagged) in your recycling bin.
  • Never put medical, food, pet, or human waste in the recycling bin.
  • Electronics, hazardous waste, Styrofoam, ceramics, porcelain, toys, clothing, and garden hoses do not belong in the recycling bin.

By increasing and improving recycling in Sioux Falls, we will extend the life of the Landfill and create a more sustainable community now and into the future. To make this happen, we need to work together to make sure we are recycling correctly for the process to be efficient and really work. Thank you for recycling right!

Use our Search tool to find other options for materials not on the list or just ask us!