Bikes don’t go in the Bin!

Recycling Explained

Bicycles do not belong in the recycling bin.

The single stream process is not meant for scrap metal like bikes or other items outside of the single stream categories. If they make it in, they can damage the equipment, slow the process down, or worse – hurt our employees who have to pull them out.

What should you do with bikes in Sioux Falls?

DONATE: If reusable, you can donate your used bikes to the Bike to Work Ministry with the Center of Hope.

Details: The Bike to Work Ministry offers low cost Bicycles for adults to have affordable transportation while looking for work or to get to and from work.  All are welcome.

Bicycles accepted: All types of new or gently used bikes, brands, and speeds in working order or in need of minor repair (flat tires, broken pedals, etc.).

Other Items accepted: Helmets, Water bottles, Bottle holders, Bike parts

If your bike is not in working condition, check with local scrap dealers like TJN Enterprises if they can reuse the metal.