Promoting Business Recycling

Recycling Explained

Businesses opt-out of single stream recycling for many different reasons – often times it’s lack of knowledge on what can be recycled or what their recycling options are.

Recycling usually doesn’t make the top of the day’s agenda, especially if businesses don’t know what to ask for from their waste hauler or aren’t sure where to get started. For years they’ve been doing just trash or cardboard, and making a change has never crossed their to-do list.

That’s where we as the service providers come in.

As waste haulers and MRFs, promoting business recycling in our communities is extremely important. When businesses recycle, they save money, support sustainability initiatives, and boost employee morale. Along with the direct benefits to their organization, they are also saving Tons of recyclable materials from entering the landfill – which ultimately benefits the entire community.

If you have business customers who are only using trash services that could be potential single stream or cardboard recycling customers, we’re here to help!

Millennium offers free waste Waste Stream Reviews for businesses to identify materials they could be recycling. We welcome the waste hauler to join us as we walk through the facility to provide a solution for any recyclable materials we identify. We also provide recycling tours and free commercial recycling guides to distribute to your customers.

If you are interested in scheduling a Waste Stream Review or getting copies of the commercial guide, please contact us.