Recycle Your Cartons!

Recycling Rules

Cartons can be recycled! And we’re not just talking milk cartons.

Food and beverage cartons no longer contain wax like they did many years ago. Instead, they are made of mostly paper with thin layers of plastic and aluminum. This means they can be recycled in Sioux Falls. However, a recent Argus Leader article pointed out that many schools are not currently recycling them – so we’re here to tell you how to start!

Types of cartons you can recycle include Juice, Milk, Soy and grain milk, Soup and broth, Wine, Cream, Egg substitutes, etc. When recycled, the layers of plastic and aluminum are removed, leaving behind valuable paper fibers that can be turned into useful new paper products and building materials.

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To properly recycle your cartons:

  • Remove the plastic lids, caps and straws.
  • Make sure there’s no food or liquid residue inside.
  • Place the cartons in your Single Stream recycling bin in your home or at your school.

If you don’t see recycling options at your school, ask your faculty about it. We are here to help get all organizations started with a recycling program. Contact us to schedule a Waste Stream Review and get milk carton recycling started in your school today. We can review your current obstacles and suggest ways to efficiently collect cartons and put you in touch with a Waste Hauler who can help.

Have questions about cartons or other recyclables? Just Ask! Contact us directly or ask us on Facebook!

Food and beverage cartons are recyclable!