Yankton Recycling Success!

Community Recycling News

Recycling recently got a lot easier in Yankton.

The City of Yankton South Dakota began single-stream recycling just a few months ago. Now all paper, plastic, cardboard, cans and glass are able to be put into one single container instead of separating into multiple bins.

Before the change to single-stream, the city collected about 16 tons of curbside recycling in one month (May 2016). The new single stream system has increased this number by 300%! This year in May alone, the city collected 64 tons!

The incredible success of this program cannot be solely attributed to the new found ease of single stream recycling. The City staff of Yankton worked diligently before, during and after the transition to make sure everything went as smooth as possible and all questions from residents were answered. They used mail notices, social media, and press to reach as many people as possible.

Just a few of their specific efforts include:

  • New carts distributed to each residential location with continual communication to homeowners.
  • A web page with a great list of common Q&A’s as well as a direct contact for specifics.
  • A dedicated staff member responsible for answering questions.
  • Staff training with Millennium Recycling to make sure everyone understood the process and materials that could be collected.
  • Educational recycling guides designed and sent out with a breakdown of the Yes and No items.
  • Refrigerator magnets sent out with the Yes list for quick access.
  • Easy to follow instructional video which has received over 15,000 views!
  • In-person presentations and meetings with residents and organizations (schools and businesses).
  • Cart tags notifying any residents if the wrong materials are placed in the bins.
  • A separate drop off point at the Transfer Station for excess recyclable materials (which has helped with the expanded accepted list!)
  • Staff sorting of all material collected at the transfer station prior to transporting (ZERO contamination received at Millennium to date).

It is obvious that Yankton takes recycling seriously.  We at Millennium Recycling are so impressed with the dedication of the hard working staff of the City of Yankton and want to publicly recognize them for what they have achieved. We look forward to continuing the partnership for years to come!