Costumes, Masks, Fabric – NOT IN THE BIN!

Recycling Rules

Costumes (Masks, Clothes And Fabric) Are Not Recyclable In Your Bin.

Why Not? Masks are made up of many different materials and types of plastics that are not recyclable (think plastic bottles, tubs and jugs – very different than your rubber mask). Same goes for textiles like clothing, fabric, hats, backpacks, cloth bags, blankets, bedding, linens etc. These aren’t recycled the same way your soda can or water bottle are. Fabric can get caught in the recycling equipment and cause major problems in the process at the recycling processing facility.

When you throw it in the bin, you’re making more work for the team members who have to physically pull that item out of the pile or cut it out of the machinery.

Instead, donate to one of the many community organizations, charities or thrift stores in our area!

To see a full list of what you CAN recycle, click here.