Recycling Old Tires (Not in your bin…)

Recycling Rules

When tires are improperly disposed of they can present a risk to human health and to the environment. 

What NOT to do with old tires:
  • Do NOT put them in your recycling bin– Your recycling bin is not the place for tires. Single Stream equipment is not able to handle this kind of material and it can actually damage the machinery or injure employees. Check out the list of items you Can put in the bin here.
  • Do NOT toss them in the ditch– This is an obvious no-no but often times this is where old tires end up. Their shape and ability to hold water provides an ideal breeding ground for mosquitoes, which carry and transmit life-­threatening diseases such as West Nile, Eastern Equine virus, and the recent news headline Zika. Stockpiles can also easily catch on fire from lightning strikes, equipment malfunctions or arson.
  • Avoid Burning them– The rubber contains toxic particles that pollute our air and harms our environment.

Sioux Falls Regional Sanitary Landfill (26750 464th Ave, Hartford SD 57033, 605-367-8162) – Tires are accepted at the landfill for recycling into construction products, AstroTurf, and chemicals. If you’re unable to haul your tires to the landfill on your own, consult your waste hauler to see if they can assist you.

Have questions on something else? Check out our Where Do I Take This tool for an easy guide. If you’re wondering about the Sioux Falls Sharps and Needles disposal program, visit the city’s website to learn about the free drop off locations.