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Top 10 Recycling Myths

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In honor of Earth Day (April 22nd), we are debunking some of the most common myths we hear at Millennium Recycling.

Check out the top 10 list:

MYTH #1:
Washing recyclables wastes too much water.

Recyclables only need to be emptied. Rinse quickly only if soiled, don’t waste water!

MYTH #2:
Doesn’t it take more energy to transport it all?

Even with transportation, recycling saves energy! But there’s more – recycling also reduces the creation of greenhouse gases, generates US jobs, and saves natural resources. When shopping, look for items made with recycled content to make the biggest energy-saving impacts!

MYTH #3:
Pizza boxes are not recyclable.

Pizza boxes are recyclable, crusts and grease are not! Beware of grease puddles and make sure to remove crusts and scrape cheese off the inside of the box before recycling. If just one half of the box is clean (i.e. the top), rip it off and throw it in the bin.

MYTH #4:
The recycling arrows mean it’s recyclable, right?

No — not always. Those little arrows refer to the type of plastic the items were originally made from, not how recyclable they are. But most communities can recycle plastic bottles and containers. In Sioux Falls, we accept plastic bottles, tubs and jugs.

MYTH #5:
If you put the cap on a bottle it isn’t recyclable.

Keep that cap on! We want to recycle all we can — caps included! Just make sure the container is empty before putting the cap back on.

MYTH #6:
Bag Your Recyclables.

Leave your recycling loose and free! Recyclables should never be bagged inside your bin except for shredded paper so it can be pulled out easier. Everything else should be loose in the bin so it can be sorted out by the equipment.

MYTH #7:
Compostable items can be recycled, right?

No! Composting and recycling happen in different ways. Food waste and compostable serviceware CANNOT be recycled. Compost collection is not readily accessible to most communities, but the City of Sioux Falls offers educational guides and support for backyard composting.

MYTH #8:
The garbage truck dumped my recycling.

Sometimes haulers use the same trucks for all collection, which can be confusing to residents. Don’t worry, your recyclables are taken to a sorting facility where they are separated and baled to sell back to manufacturers. If you are concerned, report the hauler to the City of Sioux Falls so they can investigate.

MYTH #9:
Electronics can just go in my bin, right?

Wrong! Electronics must go through special processes to make them reusable and should not be mixed in the normal recycling bin. If they do make it in the bin, they must be manually pulled out and can easily cause fires or injure employees if broken. Take residential electronics to the HHW facility for free or bring them to SEAM in Sioux Falls

MYTH #10:
Recycling is hard.

No, it isn’t! Recycling is just as easy as throwing something in the garbage. Follow the Sioux Falls recycling list of what is accepted and place a recycling container next to your trash can. Anything not on the accepted list, keep it out…anything on it, put it in. If you have a question, ask us!

Do you have a question you need answered? Just ask us! We’re here to help – visit us on Facebook or use our contact form.

(Thanks to the Recycling Partnership for some of the myths listed!)

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