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The Mounting Medical Waste Problem

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When we think of medical waste, we often think of hospitals, but in reality, there are many smaller generators that have a waste stream equally as dangerous.
In-home healthcare patients (which has become the fastest growing sector in the health care industry), nursing homes, clinics, physicians’ offices, dental practices, laboratories, funeral homes, medical/nursing schools, veterinarians, hospices and emergency medical services all generate infectious waste.
At Millennium, we take this seriously. It is essential that we get ahead of the problem to prevent accidental needle sticks and exposure from contaminated plastics or other materials to our employees.
Please help us educate these small generators on how to dispose of sharps and other soiled items. We offer free onsite Waste Stream Reviews for organizations of any size, and encourage the waste hauler to come along with us. If you or your employees have any suggestions on how to prevent this waste from entering the recycling stream, we are open to all input!
If we work together, we can save lives.
23 Jan, 17

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