Recycling at Home

Over 50% of the waste generated in the home can be recycled, but it doesn’t always make it in the bin. Thanks to single stream recycling, you can throw all those recyclables into one bin! 

Even though one recycling bin for everything makes it simple, it’s still important to follow a few rules to make sure we can recover and recycle as much as possible.

(1) What Goes in the Bin?

Click here to see the single stream items that can go in your recycling bin.
Items that aren’t accepted might still be able to be recycled, use the where do I take this tool to find where you can properly dispose of almost anything.

(2) What CAN'T Go in the Bin?

For examples of “NO” items, click each category on the accepted list here, or you can use our serach tool to see for yourself what can and cannot go in the bin. Many of these unacceptable items can cause damage to our equipment and in some cases may pose health and safety risks to our employees.

(3) Get the Most out of your Bin

Small recycling containers fill up quick and the spill over usually ends up in the trash. You should replace that small bin with a large container or wheeled cart. Many haulers provide container options with their services.
When you recycle more, you are helping your hauler hit their required recycling percentage, so they should be happy to help you get a larger container for recycling!

Facility Drop Off

Can’t recycle at home? Our public drop box is open 24/7.

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Find a Hauler

Find a waste hauler that will help you recycle.

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Free Resources

Recycling Games, Guides and Tools.

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