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ISRI Specs Update

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The Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI) updated their Scrap Specifications in April to include new glass and inbound mixed-recycling specifications. These changes were made to help understand the challenges processors face when working with complex municipal streams.

Glass specifications

The new  MRF glass specifications cover three-color mixed,crushed or whole container glass and  sets a maximum tolerance for non-glass residue at 35% and a maximum tolerance for fines at 30%.  The new specifications also include a lower tolerance at 2% for common materials that cause significant problems including ceramics like dinner plates, mugs and cups for example. See specifications here:   MRF Glass  (Page 25)

Inbound MRF specifications (Single Stream)

New single stream specifications now include types and condition of paper, OCC, cartons, plastic, metals and glass typically accepted at MRFs. I t also lists materials that are unacceptable under any circumstances including electronics, hazardous materials, medical waste, organics and more. See specifications here: Guidelines for Inbound Curbside Recyclables for MRFs (Page 60)

Millennium bases our grading and specifications on industry guidelines like those from ISRI, as well as other national and local trends that may impact material quality.

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