Who is Millennium?

Millennium is a “MRF”, or Materials Recovery Facility, located in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. We specialize in sorting mixed recycling from across the Upper Midwest and work with many different customers and communities to cater to unique requirements, material mixes and & municipal needs.

We sort 100 Million lbs of mixed recycling every year.

That’s equal to 30 ELEPHANTS every day!

Why should we recycle?

The benefits of recycling are PROVEN.

“The 3 E’s”

– Economy –

Saves landfill space
(costing us less)

Creates 30 Times more jobs than landfills & incinerators
(sorters, dispatchers, drivers, brokers, sales, to engineers, chemists and more)!

Supports Local small businesses
(Waste haulers, mrfs and processors).

Puts valuable resources back into use and supports American manufacturing.

Increases economic security by tapping a domestic source of materials.

The cost to construct
one landfill cell in Sioux Falls cost


(fills in about 8 years)

Overall operating costs
for that cell are about


($59.20/cubic yard)

The annual economic
impact of recycling
in South Dakota
alone is over


– Energy –

The raw materials and energy used to make products are completely lost if landfilled.

Using recovered vs mined/harvested material uses significantly less energy, even after accounting for collection, processing and transportation.

Resulting in less burning of fossil fuels such as coal, oil and natural gas.

95% less for aluminium

60-74% less for tin

40% less for paper

30% less for plastic

15% less for glass

– Environment –

Conserves finite resources
(water, metal ores, timber, minerals and oil)

Reduces pressure to expand deforestation and mining operations.

Prevents water and air pollution from landfills & incinerators
(According to the EPA, even modern landfills with new clay and plastic liners will ultimately fail, causing methane gas and leachate to escape into the air and groundwater)

Making glass from recycled material

cuts related water pollution by 50%

Recycling 1 ton of cardboard saves

46 gallons of oil

Recycling 1 ton of paper
saves 17 trees and

7,000 gallons of water


The EPA estimates that 75% of the American waste stream is recyclable, but we recycle less than 30%

The Mixed Bin is Just Part of the Solution

Many different programs work together to divert materials from the landfill — the recycling bin is NOT a catch-all. When items make it into the bin that don’t belong, they slow down the process and contaminate acceptable materials. Make sure you dispose of items at the correct locations and remember, your mixed recycling bin is just a piece of the puzzle. Use the disposal search tool to find the right option for almost anything!

What Goes in the Bin?

Millennium started Mixed Recycling in 2007, where all recyclables go into one, single container (also known as single stream).

How Does it Work?

Where Does it Go?

After materials are separated, they are sent to processors all around the country who can clean them, process them and turn them into new products. Over 90% of the material Millennium processes stays right here in the Midwest!

What Does the Future Hold?


The Bad

Cost of recycling continues to increase.
Markets are expected to remain low.
With a surplus domestic supply from restricted exports, innovation for new infrastructure will take time.
Non-recyclable products and packaging continue to be an issue, leading to confusion and increased contamination.

The Good!

Recycling is not going anywhere with a strong demand for materials.
Markets will eventually rebound as they always have.
Interest in a circular economy is putting pressure on manufacturers to design recyclable products and packaging.
Education is increasing on the value of recycling and the importance of recycling RIGHT.

What Can YOU Do?

1. Tell Elected Officials how Important Recycling is to You.
When supported by community officials, recycling programs are more likely to succeed.

2. Become a Recycling Expert.
Educate yourself on what you can put in your bin and spread the word. Use our website search tool or ask us!

3. Bring Your Own Bag (#BYOBSF).
Reduce your use of plastic bags and recycle what you can at drop-off locations.

4. Recycle More! Waste Less!
Ask for a bigger recycling bin from your hauler, schedule a free Millennium Waste Stream Review at work, ask businesses why they don’t provide recycling when you’re out in public, avoid products and packaging that can’t be recycled, and use the correct disposal options to keep items out of the landfill.

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