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How to Get Started with Recycling!

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Want to recycle in your home or business but aren’t sure how to get started? It’s easy as 1, 2, 3!

1. Find a waste hauler: Click HERE for a list of local haulers that provide recycling services. Contact any of these great haulers to start recycling at your location.

2. After you’ve found your waste hauler, click HERE to learn what you can and can’t put in your single stream bin.

3. Reap the benefits!

  • Help your Wallet- If a new cell needs to be built in the landfill to make more space for “trash”, guess who pays for it? When you recycle, you divert materials from the landfill, saving your wallet from future taxes.
  • Help the Environment- When you recycle, you’re doing your part to help the precious planet we live on. Recycling decreases greenhouse gas emissions and reduces your carbon footprint. Manufacturing products from recycled materials generates significantly less water pollution than manufacturing from virgin (new) materials.Using recycled materials to manufacture products also conserves natural resources.
  • Help your Community- Create needed employment in your community through recycling. Recycling creates four positions for every one position created in the waste management and disposal industries.

What’s your excuse?

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