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Gift Wrap Guide

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Learn if your Christmas wrapping paper is naughty or nice on the recycling list.

Recyclable Gift Wrap:

  • Paper wrapping paper (no “shine”, glitter or foils)
  • Paper tissue paper (no “shine”, glitter or foils)
  • Brown paper
  • Newspaper
  • Large sheets of craft paper

Non Recyclable Gift Wrap:

  • Gift Wrap with Glitter, Gloss, Plastics, Metallic Coatings, or Foils
  • Tissue Paper with Glitter, Gloss, Plastics, Metallic Coatings, or Foils
  • Bows, Ribbon, Yarn, String (Any stringy item)
  • Excessive Tape or Glue
  • Tinsel
  • Styrofoam

TIP: Use Reusable Options that you can reuse over and over again like decorative boxes, Towels or fabric (but keep out of the recycling bin). For ribbons and bows, go for twine or more natural string that will decompose better in the landfill.

Check out the holiday waste guide for more tips on holiday recycling.

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