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Chemical, Pesticides, Fertilizer and Cleaning Containers

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With good intentions, someone can easily cause more harm than good when it comes to recycling general household cleaners, pesticides, fertilizer or other chemical containers. If not properly rinsed, these can seriously harm waste haulers and recycling workers as well as contaminate other recyclables.

  • If a container has the words caution, warning, danger or poison on the label and STILL has product inside it is not acceptable in your recycling bin (see instructions for emptying and rinsing these for recycling below).
  • Containers that have any biohazard symbols, medical symbols/labeling, or ever contained any of these materials even if empty– are NEVER recyclable (these are too dangerous for our staff to handle).

How to Recycle Home Chemical Containers:

  1. Read the label.  Check if disposal instructions are specified.
  2. Make sure it’s empty.  If there is left over product, bring the container to the Sioux Falls Household Hazardous Waste facility for proper reuse or disposal. See a list of examples of what they accept here. Do not dump chemicals on the ground or into a storm drain. Certain products, like a window cleaner, may be able to go down the drain accompanied by plenty of water. If there are no directions on the label, think about how you use the product. If it mixes with water, it can most likely be disposed of down the drain with running water – just like when you use them.
  3. Rinse, Rinse, Rinse! Chemical containers must be triple rinsed with water and air-dried before recycling. This means rinsing a container three times minimum in order to remove all of the hazardous material and residue.
  4. Place empty and dry container in recycling bin (no lid).


For lab containers, commercial chemical containers or anything larger than 5 gallons, please contact us for help as these must have prior approval before being recycled.


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