Waste Stream Assessments

Millennium’s experienced consultants can help you identify ways to reduce waste and ensure success in your recycling program. 

Our simple 4-step Waste Stream Review may reveal unknown opportunities to cut your carbon footprint, increase your diversion rate, and even save you money!

1. Research

2. Material Survey

3. Onsite Inspection

4. Report

Review historical data (Past issues, weights, etc.).

The Millennium team will review all historical data including recycling and garbage weights along with any issues previously seen from your organization or organizations like yours.

Identify type and amount of materials being generated.

A brief interview will be conducted to identify the materials in the waste stream from your organization’s employees, services or products.

Visually inspect waste containers, signage and collection process.

A visual inspection will be performed at your facility (or facilities) to review material type, amount, collection containers, signage displayed and collection process.

Provide suggestions for the most effective waste diversion solution.

An overview with recommendations will be provided to identify opportunities for increased source-reduction, reuse, and recycling.