No Fireworks or Firecrackers in Your Bin!

Recycling Explained

Fireworks DO NOT belong in your Sioux Falls recycling bin. It’s important to dispose of fireworks in the safest way possible to prevent harm to yourself and others after you’ve disposed of them.

How To Dispose Of Fireworks and Firecrackers (NOT in  your recycling bin):

  • Make sure all fireworks are completely extinguished and no longer warm before trying to collect them.
  • Remove the fuse and soak them in a tub of water overnight.
  • Fireproof containers are recommended but at the very least, double bag them before placing in the trash.
  • You can bring unexploded fireworks or firecrackers to the Sioux Falls Household Hazardous Waste Facility to ensure they are properly disposed (See more information here).

Tips for Easier Cleanup:

  • Use fireworks in one area so clean-up is isolated and not scattered around your property (preferably on a hard smooth surface).
  • Use a broom to sweep all of the remains into a pile.
  • Don’t let the mess sit out over night, chemical dust and ash can easily blow and scatter through your neighborhood.


Although fireworks may be made from some recyclable materials, the danger and effort involved in separating that small part of paper or metal does NOT justify the risk. Please keep your waste hauler and our recycling employees safe and dispose of fireworks and firecrackers properly.

Happy 4th of July everyone! Be smart and be safe!