Millennium Achieves Silver Level in Building Sustainable Connections!

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We’re excited to announce that Millennium has been awarded the Silver Level Building Sustainable Connections (BSC) certification – a testament to our dedication to educating businesses about waste reduction and recycling!

The BSC Green Standard Certification Program acknowledges organizations that prioritize sustainability within their operations.

Millennium is focused on empowering other businesses to minimize waste, and was recently honored by BSC’s Vice President, Sienna Mayer, who presented the award to our dedicated sustainability committee in a ceremony (pictured).

Educating and Empowering Businesses to Reduce Waste

At Millennium, we believe knowledge is power, especially when it comes to waste reduction. Here’s how we’re leading the charge:

  • Waste Reduction Education: We educate groups and businesses of all sizes, sharing best practices for minimizing waste generation, sorting recyclables effectively, and implementing successful recycling programs.
  • Community Outreach: Our team actively participates in community events and conferences, spreading awareness about the importance of waste reduction and responsible recycling habits.
  • Online Resources: We’ve developed a comprehensive online resource library with downloadable guides and video tutorials on waste reduction and recycling education. This empowers businesses to implement these practices at their own pace.
  • Leading by Example: At Millennium, we practice what we preach. We prioritize energy efficiency, water conservation, and responsible landfill diversion.


The BSC Green Standard Certification process is an excellent resource for any organization seeking to become more sustainable. Their program provides a clear framework for self-assessment, allowing companies to identify areas for improvement and implement environmentally friendly practices.

We encourage other businesses to explore the BSC Green Standard Certification program and join us in building a more sustainable future. Learn more:

Building a Sustainable Future, Together

Millennium is proud to be recognized for our commitment to waste reduction and sustainability. We believe in empowering businesses to make a positive impact. Together, we can create a better future for all.

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