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What to do with Yard Waste

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Fall is here!

Let’s talk about yard waste.

Leaves, branches, pumpkins, mulch, grass clippings, weeds, garden debris, twigs and other yard waste should not be dumped in your Sioux Falls garbage can and are NOT allowed in your recycling bin.  At Millennium Recycling, yard waste contaminates clean recyclables and can jam up our system. Imagine smashed pumpkins, clumps of mud, grass and sticks mucking up the process– it can turn into a big mess fast!

What can you do with Yard Waste?

In Sioux Falls and surrounding areas, we have convenient options to choose from:

City of Sioux Falls leaf and branch drop-off sites (OPEN Sat, Sept 30- Sun, Nov 26 )

  • Accepted: Leaves, Branches, Pumpkins
  • Not Accepted: Larger loads, lawn service companies, and commercial businesses.
  • Details: Two leaf and branch drop-off sites are open to assist you with fall cleanup. Cost is $3 per load for cars, pickups, full-size SUVs, vans, or two-wheel trailers. Branches must be placed in a pile separate from leaves. Leaves must be removed from plastic bags. All loads must be tarped or in an enclosed vehicle. Plastic bags, large trees, stumps, rubble, and household garbage are not accepted. Pumpkins are accepted at no charge at the drop-offs as well. A separate roll-off container is available for pumpkins. Pumpkins need to be free of candles, yarn, stickers, googly eyes, and any form of plastic to be accepted.The leaves and pumpkins deposited at the drop-off sites are composted at the landfill through the yard waste program. Compost is available for free for residents to pick up at the landfill year-round.
  • Hours: Monday through Saturday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Sundays, 12 noon to 5 p.m.
  • Locations: 1015 East Chambers Street and 301 North Lyon Boulevard.
  • More Info: See the City Announcement Here.

City of Sioux Falls Year Round Composting Program

  • Accepted: Leaves, Grass and Garden Waste only
  • Not Accepted: Pet Waste or Wood Waste
  • Details: Load your yard waste into reusable containers at home and bring to the landfill or seasonal drop off locations and the attendant will direct you to the compost location. Plastic bags must be emptied and removed, paper yard waste bags can be left in-tact with your yard waste. Keep any wood waste such as branches and twigs separate (see Landfill wood recycling below).
  • More Info: Call 605-367-8276 or visit City Yard Waste & Compost Services

Landfill Wood Waste Recycling

Mueller Pallets – Waste Wood Disposal

  • Accepted: Trees and limbs, Old pallets, Dimension lumber scraps, Demolition lumber
  • Details: Mueller Pallets creates products that ultimately biodegrade into soil or generate clean, affordable energy. They will take almost ANY wood that you would otherwise transport to a landfill, at no cost if your quantities are significant. Spotted trailers, pickups and drop off options are all available.
  • More Info: Call 605-368-2440 or visit

Hauler Pickup

  • Many Sioux Falls waste haulers offer yard waste pickup services. Contact your current hauler for pickup service information or find a hauler who can help you in the Sioux Falls Waste Hauler Directory.


Check out our handy Where Do I Take This Tool for a complete list of where to take odd items for proper recycling or disposal. If what you’re looking for is not on the list, ask us! We’ll help you find the best disposal option in our area.


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