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Wedding Season is here… Think about that Gift Wrap!

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Gift wrap is hardly ever recyclable due to plastic coatings and foil decorations embedded in the paper. However, some more eco-friendly options are out there. Try using materials that can be reused and recycled- Not only will it make your gift “green”, but it will stand out and make it unique!

1. Aluminum Foil and Yarn
Aluminum foil makes a great gift wrap, and BONUS- You don’t even need tape to keep it together! Add yarn or twine for that special gift look. It can be crumpled into a ball and recycled after the gift is opened!


2. Crumpled Brown Paper Bag
Ball up the paper and try to get as many crinkles in it as possible. Flatten it out before you wrap your gifts. Adding colored yarn makes a rustic and warm look. This material can also be recycled after use!


3. Surplus Maps
Call up your library or other establishments to ask for old topographical maps. They are colorful and offer interesting designs. These are a unique way to make your gift standout, and they can be recycled when you’re done!


4. Painted, Clear To-Go Container
After you eat the food from your to-go container, paint the inside to make it decorative and opaque to make a cheap gift box. The to-go container is not recyclable, so reusing it will get at least one more use out of it before you trash it.

5. Newspaper Funnies
A gift wrapped in the comics makes people feel nostalgia and puts a smile on their face… It also gives them something to read while waiting to open presents! Oh and did we mention it can be recycled after the gift is opened?


What other “green” gift wraps have you tried? Tell us about it!

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