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ReUSE Clothes….Not Recycle

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Clothes, Bed Sheets and other types of Fabric are NOT recyclable… but they are reusable.

Many messages tell you to “Recycle Your Clothes”… but the use of ‘recycle’ leads to confusion.  Fabric can’t go in your recycling bin. A better message for fabric would be to “Re-Use or Donate”.

Textiles (clothing, blankets, bed sheets, towels etc.) are not recycled the same way your soda can or water bottle are.



Fabric gets caught in the recycling equipment and causes major problems at recycling facilities. If fabric gets in, you’re creating more work for the team members who have to physically pull it out. Usually clothes are so damaged or contaminated from the waste truck that they have to be thrown away after being pulled out. So please think of the recycling workers and make their jobs easier, keep your fabric and clothing out of the recycling bin.


So what can you do with Clothes or Fabric?

Donate them to one of the many community organizations, charities or thrift stores in our area. Check out this list from the local best for some ideas.


Thank you for recycling right!


07 Dec, 17

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