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Recycle that Box!

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Many products we buy are packaged in boxes. Most people know you can recycle a cardboard box, but did you know you can also recycle paperboard boxes? What is paperboard, you ask? A common example of paperboard is a cereal box, made with a very thin gray board, also called boxboard or chipboard. Unlike corrugated cardboard, paperboard is made with just one layer, while cardboard is made with three (two flat layers around the middle wavy layer). Paperboard boxes get recycled into paperbacking on roofing shingles, paper towel rolls, and new paperboard.

Types of boxes you CAN Recycle in Sioux Falls:

Cereal boxes
Donut boxes
Shoe boxes
Pasta boxes
Cracker boxes
Gift boxes
Electronics boxes
Toothpaste boxes
Other toiletry boxes
Snack boxes
Pizza boxes (See how)
Cardboard boxes
Tea boxes
Pop-tart boxes
Envelope Boxes

Boxes must be empty and clean of food waste before recycling.

19 Sep, 17

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