What We Recycle


Single Stream Guide

Our Single Stream Program makes recycling easy! But it is extremely important to pay attention to what we accept and how we accept it. Specifications below pertain exclusively to our Single Stream Program. 

Other items can be recycled separately separately. Check out our Where Do I Take This Tool to learn more.



Below are examples of acceptable recyclables.

Flattened corrugated cardboard and brown paper bagsNewspapers and inserts, magazines, brochures, and catalogsNo more than 2 phone books per pick-up, per residentNo need to remove paper clips, staples, stamps, windows or labels on envelopes, tape, or rubber bandsPlease do not flatten or crushPlease remove caps, empty bottle contents and do not flattenPlease empty of all liquids, remove caps or straws, and do not crush.Please empty and do not crush.Please place plastic bags inside a separate plastic bag in your recycle bin.Clean aluminum trays and balled foil 3-inches or largerMust be contained in a clear plastic bag



Please DO NOT place any of these items in your recycling bin.  These are items that either need to go into the waste stream or should be taken to a different facility.  Many of these unacceptable items can cause damage to our equipment and in some cases may pose health and safety risks to our employees. 


Stable markets do not exist for these items. Just because it has a recycling symbol doesn't mean we can handle it.Residents may take these items to the City of Sioux Falls Household Hazardous Waste facility.Some pieces have nails in them that can injure staff, and other pieces may damage equipment.Many have more than one plastic in resin, or have steel pieces in them, or simply have nothing about them that is recyclable.Window blinds are not recyclable.Ceramics, rocks, stones, and non-container glass are not recyclable at this time.To recycle these items, contact Bargain Bytes at 605-275-0400.Napkins, toilet paper, and paper towels cannot be recycled.The only steel permitted in the single stream program is steel cans.  If it isn't a can, it shouldn't be in the recycling bin. We can take scrap metal separately.Shredded paper gets everywhere in the facility. This makes it very difficult to capture and recycle. Please bag your shredded paper in CLEAR plastic bags.Needles, syringes, diapers, pharmaceutical waste, and other home health care products do not belong in the recycling bin.