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Political Signs Are Not Recylable

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The polls have closed and all across the country people are taking down their support signs. PLEASE KEEP THEM OUT OF YOUR RECYCLING BIN!

Political signs are usually made from durable materials like corrugated plastic or plastic film with a metal frame. While these materials make signs more weatherproof, they also make them less recyclable.

These cannot be recycled in the single stream, as they require specialized processes to handle them specifically. Some agriculture plastic manufactures are able to recycle them, but we are not able to handle them at Millennium.

Options to keep them out of the landfill:

  • Donate them to the Sioux Falls Outdoor Campus, they can use the corrugated plastic signs for target practice.
  • Give them back to the candidate so they can use them during the next election cycle
  • Bring the metal posts to metal recyclers in our area like TJN


16 Nov, 16

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