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We’ve covered what to do with all your lawn and garden waste (leaves, grass, branches, mulch) – Now you may be wondering what to do with the leftover containers and supplies.

Here’s a quick yes and no guide on what you can and cannot include in the Sioux Falls Recycling bin:

Potting Soil BagsNO – Not recyclable in single stream.

Planting Pots & TraysIT DEPENDS:

Hard Plastic (Rigid) pots – YES – Must be completely empty of all debris and in small quantities. These are usually from bushes and larger plants and not easy to flex (If in bulk or commercial generator, contact us).

Flexible Plastic pots and traysNO – Not recyclable in single stream. These are the type you can easily crumple by hand when pushing plants up from the bottom- they are flimsy, flexible and one-time use.

Ceramic PotsNO – Not recyclable in single stream.

Yard & Garden ToolsNO – Garden Hoses, Sprinklers, Sprinkler Pipe, Lawn Edging, Plastic Tools, Mower Blades, Garden Shears, Loppers, Shovels, Trowels, Rakes, Gloves, Boots, etc are NOT recyclable in the single stream (Some items may be recyclable if delivered separately, please contact us with specific questions on materials outside of the single stream categories).


If we missed any lawn or garden supplies you still have questions on, please let us know! Ask us on our Facebook page or send us a message– We’re here to help.

Happy lawn and gardening!

06 May, 18

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