Electronics Recycling

Electronics like Televisions (TVs), computers, monitors and phones are made of heavy metals and harmful chemicals such as lead and cadmium that can compromise the effectiveness of landfill liners and leach into the ground. Effective May 4, 2004, a City of Sioux Falls ordinance banned electronics from the Sioux Falls Regional Sanitary Landfill.

When electronics are recycled properly, components can be recovered and reused in newer technologies, however they CANNOT be thrown in your recycling bin at home.


Luckily, there are local, convenient options to properly dispose of your electronics:

Residential Electronics

E-waste generated from Sioux Falls residents can be recycled for free at the Household Hazardous Waste facility. Electronics accepted by the city are then responsibly recycled by SEAM.
City HHW

Business Equipment & Other Ewaste

Business electronics or others that aren’t accepted by the city program can be recycled at SEAM in Sioux Falls. SEAM is the only company in all of the Dakotas certified to securely and safely recycle electronic equipment. They offer certified electronics recycling and data destruction including hard drive shredding and hard drive wiping.

Check out these videos from the SEAM/Bargain Bytes Tech Guru on why you should use a certified vendor to handle your IT equipment >>>